Michael Ebert receives MaFAT Research Award

Kategorie: News - Area Accounting

Michael Ebert was awarded the MaFAT Research Award for his paper “Discretionary Aggregation” that is going to be published in The Accounting Review (in January 2017). His co-authors are Dirk Simons, Mannheim, und Jack Stecher, Carnegie-Mellon. The MaFAT Research Award recognizes significant research publications in the field of accounting or taxation by non-tenured faculty members, postdocs or PhD students of the University of Mannheim. The award is granted annually to individual researchers and includes a €1,000 prize. 

Right after his postdoc time in Mannheim, Michael Ebert was recently appointed Professor of Managerial Accounting at the University of Paderborn. He has been a member of the Area Accounting & Taxation from 2004 to 2015.